SmartPhone On A Diet – +Battery Life

Nokia’s Asha handsets already use browser compression to reduce data costs and power consumption for customers in the developing world, but the company’s Finnish neighbours over at Aalto Universityhave taken a totally different approach. By using a network proxy to squash traffic into bursts rather than a constant bit rate, and by forcing a smartphone’s modem into idle mode between each burst, the researchers claim they can cut 3G power consumption by 74 percent. Now, we’re fortunate enough to be surrounded by power outlets over here, but even we could use some of that.

sourcePhysOrg, IEEE Xplore


2 thoughts on “SmartPhone On A Diet – +Battery Life

  1. Nokia is rock solid!
    My original Nokia phone fell from my palm then all the parts got separated, so I just plugged them in again, turned it on, and it still works perfectly! As if nothing happened!
    The features, the durability, the battery life are not bad for quite an affordable price! In fact, playing music for a whole day wont even cut the battery meter!
    Nice post dude!

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