Slim is Sexy – Samsung Galaxy S III

Recent smartphones are all on the race of a bigger screen, some achieved it with gaining less fat , some just were too lazy to workout.

Its back , Motorola started the Slim Sexy Design back in the days of  Moto Razr. Recently Droid Razr sliced its belly fat to a whopping 7.1mm THIN. Now self proclaimed No.1 in SmartPhone “SAMSUNG mobile” maybe following Motorola Android trends as numerous sources likes of GSMarena, are expecting the New Galaxy S III to aim for the 7.1 mm mark. Or maybe Samsung can put more thought on SmartPhone innovative design rather than just mixing up top notch hardware and cooking a “khichudri” of dual cores and rams.

What ever they do , rumors like 3D screens and Stylus comeback are over the air as 27th Feb , MobileWorldCongress approaches.

It would rather be welcomed and much appreciated if the Koreans learn how to design a smartphone with non plastic materials. And forms that aren’t “inspired” from iPhones! Samsung have done great at introducing SuperAMOLED screens and has really pushed Android to a respectable OS on the war of ecosystems. But its time Samsung start investing of Design Team like Sony and Motorola are pressing on.


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One thought on “Slim is Sexy – Samsung Galaxy S III

  1. great blog. i like how you said ‘how can it be classed as work you are doing something you love’
    i am now doing what i love , i have voted and followed you. look forward to more your post

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