Pokemon Go : Bangladesh still waits for official launch – Asia Update


Pokemon trainers in Jakarta, apparently have started their journey on catching some Pokemon. Indonesian Pokemon trainers were the first ones to start off Pokemon Go in Asia. Bangladesh, India , Pakistan and other Asian countries still wait for the servers to be up and running this week.

The Pokemon Go frenzy has launched in Malaysia while other countries including Japan (home town of Pokemon) are still waiting for the official server launch.

Pokemon Go trainers set out in Jakarta; Credit ( thejakartapost )

Right now if your country is not tuned to your country server, all you will see is a blank map with no Poke-stops. A few users have tried to login faking their GPS location, but have faced 40 minutes to and hour of IP BAN; so it is advised not to try the hacks for a potential permanent ban could be enforced by the developers.

The developers ” Niantic, Inc. ” have a history of banning players because of fake gps hacks previously on their similar game title Ingress App.

Users in Bangladesh can download the official app apk from the Google Play Store ( Link to Tutorial ) and “USA APP STORE” for apple ios (iPhone & iPad )  users. Till then we have to keep our eyes and ears open for the game’s launch later this week or late July 2016.





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