Samsung Mobile – Price-list FEB2012


Nostalgia – Motorola Gleam+

It seemed latest trends swept away clamshell form factor of mobile phones, with the rise of capacitive touchscreens and Gorilla Glass. The tides seems to turn again with the unveiling of the Motorola Gleam+  .


Motorola took a whole year to update their Motorola GLEAM, reviled back in February 2011 at MWC. Looks like Motorola have learned from previous GLEAM, and so included 50 MB internal storage and a larger 2.8″ TFT display. These numbers are irrelevant now a days where 4″ are cool. MicroSD storage is avaible upto 16GB and does come with the handy dandy large Illuminated binary matrix thingy screen that adds to the aesthetic and ease of use as it offers , from smooth curves of the mainframe and Chiclets style keypad which is well spaced and placed for easy operation.

Fresh new design and 45MB of 50MB;everything else looks similar to the ancestor Gleam.

With  a  basic 2 megapixel camera and only 750mAh battery the Moto Gleam+ doesn’t  “shine bright”  when you think of practical daily usage. With estimated 4.5hr of talk-time GSM , it would probably result to be an Impractical phone unless the battery has something else rather than lithium ions.

Still early to call , but the Gleam+ does look stylish and appealing on the outside,  but disappoints await on the inside with poor spec sheet scores, even for low budget phones.

NOKIA – Friend’s Day the Finnish Way

Valentine’s Day in Finland, although a popular day to get married or engaged on, is actually referred to as ‘Ystävänpäivä’, which means ‘Friend’s Day’. This is a day where people write cards and share gifts with their closest friends.

As you may know, we love doing things differently here on Nokia Connects too, especially if it involves Finland! That’s why we want to invite you to not only take part in Finnish Valentine’s day, but to take one day out of your busy blogging schedule and share some words about a friend, family member or fellow Nokia community member that you really appreciate.

We’re always writing, posting, tweeting and talking about mobile and technology, so we rarely stop to take stock of all the wonderful people around us and thank them for their help, support and in my girlfriend’s case patience! Having just said that, Ystävänpäivä is not about my girlfriend, so we can forget that :)

Between now and the 14th, write a post on your blog or in the comments section below, about one of the best, most inspirational or caring friends in your life. Share your stories with us on Twitterwith #NokiaValentine and we’ll feature our favourites next week.


Slim is Sexy – Samsung Galaxy S III

Recent smartphones are all on the race of a bigger screen, some achieved it with gaining less fat , some just were too lazy to workout.

Its back , Motorola started the Slim Sexy Design back in the days of  Moto Razr. Recently Droid Razr sliced its belly fat to a whopping 7.1mm THIN. Now self proclaimed No.1 in SmartPhone “SAMSUNG mobile” maybe following Motorola Android trends as numerous sources likes of GSMarena, are expecting the New Galaxy S III to aim for the 7.1 mm mark. Or maybe Samsung can put more thought on SmartPhone innovative design rather than just mixing up top notch hardware and cooking a “khichudri” of dual cores and rams.

What ever they do , rumors like 3D screens and Stylus comeback are over the air as 27th Feb , MobileWorldCongress approaches.

It would rather be welcomed and much appreciated if the Koreans learn how to design a smartphone with non plastic materials. And forms that aren’t “inspired” from iPhones! Samsung have done great at introducing SuperAMOLED screens and has really pushed Android to a respectable OS on the war of ecosystems. But its time Samsung start investing of Design Team like Sony and Motorola are pressing on.


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