Nokia Lumia 800 – Video Samples

With only a few months for the Nokia Lumia 800 to launch here in Dhaka, here are some video sample of the 800’s 8Mp camera.

Note the Nokia Lumia 800 records videos at : 720p @ 30fps.


Nokia Lumia to hit Dhaka stores in January 2012

The lumia 800 and lumia 710 are set to arrive in Dhaka, Bangladesh in January 2012.

The phones running windows mobile 7.5  Mango operating system offering unique Live tiles experience. 8 Megapixel Carl Zeiss Tesslar optics, 1.4GHz snapdragon processor.

Be sure to check in later for more updates .

Lumia 800 - The first real Windows Phone?

In october NokiaBangladesh facebook said:

“Dear All the Nokia Fans: good news is that Nokia Lumia 800 will be available in Bangladesh starting from February,2012. Another good news is that this device will come with Windows Mango software not WP7.Lets wait for the device..Surely it will rock you..”

Lets hope it comes before the second month of 2012.

Lumia 800 Asia Launch – Bangladesh Date?

Whats all the fuss about you ask? Well, looks like the next big thing in the mobile industry is finally here in Asia.

In a few hours time, Singapore residents will be having their hands on the Windows Phone from Nokia. And so awaits other Asian countries , India set to be next . So when will it be available for Bangladesh?

No official statement for the release date here, but hopefully before or after 2 months time.

Lumia will be launched in India in coming weeks, followed by other countries such as the United States and China in the first half of next year.

With a few weeks to go for India’s Official Launch of the Lumia Series, things look good for a early launch here in Dhaka.

Price : Estimated 47,000 taka.  according to     $775(SGD) Singapore price.

Specs of Lumia 800 in comparison with other flagship devices.

UPDATE : Lumia series to come in January 2012 according to Nokia stores Dhaka.

Update : They dont keep their words, Nokia BD stores.

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Note : im not responsible for any deals you make with Gadget & Gear.

Nokia Lumia 710 – Affordable & NO NONSENSE !

Heidi Lemmetyinen looks closer to the Windows Lumia Experince first hand and shares her opinion on the more affordable alternative to the Elegant Lumia 800.



Nokia Lumia 900 makes it out at last!

Nokia Lumia 900 , the upcoming flagship windows phone has been leaked on a video advert for the amazing everyday series. Heres a sneak peak if you cant hold on to your horses!

the video was accidentally posted to Nokia’s public YouTube channel before being marked private. The video offers very little in the way of details, though it does show an image of the sleek Windows Phone next to the text, “When you bring together Nokia’s stunning new hardware and a dynamic Microsoft OS you get amazing every day.” Nokia’s Lumia 900, code-named Ace, is expected to feature a 4.3-inch ClearBlack AMOLED display, a 1.4GHz processor and an 8-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics’

Nokia Lumia 800 Features

The hottest mobile device this year the Nokia Lumia 800 gets more video presentations from Nokia, on it features and their funtions.

See videos after break for more on Nokia lumia 800’s : DRIVE OFFICE CAMERA