Pokemon Go : Bangladesh still waits for official launch – Asia Update


Pokemon trainers in Jakarta, apparently have started their journey on catching some Pokemon. Indonesian Pokemon trainers were the first ones to start off Pokemon Go in Asia. Bangladesh, India , Pakistan and other Asian countries still wait for the servers to be up and running this week. Continue reading Pokemon Go : Bangladesh still waits for official launch – Asia Update


Facinate – Facebook app for Symbian


If you love the free apps on the Nokia Store your gonna love this one even more.

The folks at INOVA IT have created the ultimate facebook app for nokia till date, naming it – FACINATE

its going to run on all major symbian devices starting from the Nokia 5800 onwards.

Official description for the app goes like this :

Facinate is a free (forever-ever) facebook client that can do everything you’d expect it to do plus:
– Works on a Nokia 5800 or Nokia 700. Nobody is left out!
– Has a really unique, swipable user interface. Totally cool, sweet, fast and useful.
– CHAT. srsly? y, 24 / 7. omg, so kewl. c u.
– Home screen – and a really good looking one!
– Notifications on your home screen! Never miss out on your friend ’s birthday again.

See http://www.facinate.me

Users report of falling in love with this app after 5 min of usage , to get FASCINATED download Facinate from nokia store following the link : http://store.ovi.com/content/230063?clickSource=search&pos=1

do let us know about your thoughts on the app.

official pictures from facinate.me

Nokia Gem : Jewel of the 21st Century?

Recently nokia released a video of its concept phone NOKIA GEM. Showing of the use of a fully functional all display touch screen phone. If that’s the perfect way to describe it.

Nokia GEM was launched to celebrate 25 years of existence of the Nokia Research Centre and this device is all about the touchscreen it incorporates on its front, back and sides. The back is also interactive, so you can pinch to zoom from the rear, without cluttering the front screen. This function also comes in handy when using maps and probably games too, as proved by the Sony PS Vita.

Senior Design Manager Jarkko Saunamäki is the one who lead the team that created GEM and recently claimed that once you launch an app, for example the camera application, the entire phone will begin to look like a camera. How? Well, there’s an entire image wrapped around the phone, since it’s a whole touchscreen after all. The coolest thing about this device is that it also allows people to carry advertising on the back of the handset when making calls, so they would get a discount on bills. How cool is that? 3D images viewed from all angles are also supported!


Check out the presentation below for more info on the NOKIA GEM.

Do leave a comment after watching the video letting me know what you think about it , do you want to be real or just a fantasy.

Swype On N9

Swype makes texting easy with its unique functionality. Largely available on Nokia Symbian devices for a year or so. Now it has made its debut appearance on the Meego Harmattan platform device the N9. It comes with the Latest Update released on the N9 this week.

PR 1.1 firmware started rolling out for the N9 today

Swype software comes from the maker of the widely used T9 input methord on almost every mobile phone with physical keys.

More UI and feature related information on the video after the break.

fmobi 2.3 for symbian device out now in Nokia Store.

The latest version of arguabbly the best Facebook app for a nokia device “fMobi” has released its new version V 2.3 .

Also rolled out in the Nokia Store, you can download from HERE.

Official Change log –

– Unified messaging with replying (single recipient)
– More actions to feed (e.q “x is now friend with y”)
– Haptic feedback to buttons
– More languages (Chinese traditional, Greek)
– Exit confirmation as an option
– UI tweaking

Try it out and find all the nice new things!

FACEBOOK mobile = Fmobi

Basically everyone with a smartphone these days are familiar with the internet and social networking sites like Facebook.

All of you want the best facebook mobile experience. The “Fmobi” app does that with style . More after the break.


Fmobi is there for quite a while now, but the release of the new versions for symbian^3 & ^5,s40,meamo,meego, and its sleek UI tweaks. It has surely by far become the best facebook mobile app on this day.

Here is  a video of Fmobi from the developer himself.

Do try it out from the ovistore, or from the main page of fmobi.


LINKS : http://jiikoo.com/fMobi/