SonyEricsson now Sony Mobile Comunication – Official

Its been a while but its official now. SONY spent €1.05 billion on some 50% shares of  Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson.

It really doesn’t matter to us. What we need to know is no more SONYERICSSON its SONY from now on, so don’t confuse yourself when you see SONY mobile devices on shelves with cheapo chinese clones.

Recently released Xperia S trademarked SONY and indicated the change of winds to come. But current SonyEricsson bearing phones are gonna be sold parallel to the newer Sony range smart phones.

SonyEricsson partnership brought us bold & young designs; perfect for teens and creative personalities. Now will Sony change directions and shoot off-target or revolutionize the mobile platform?


Designers talk – Lumia 800 – Microsoft&Nokia

The design team of Nokia N9 & the Lumia 800 explains why Lumia 800 is the perfect match of microsofts UI & nokia HARDWARE.


…Bending and breaking the rules of how to make products.

Watch the 5 min brief to know more .