Pokemon Go : Bangladesh still waits for official launch – Asia Update


Pokemon trainers in Jakarta, apparently have started their journey on catching some Pokemon. Indonesian Pokemon trainers were the first ones to start off Pokemon Go in Asia. Bangladesh, India , Pakistan and other Asian countries still wait for the servers to be up and running this week. Continue reading Pokemon Go : Bangladesh still waits for official launch – Asia Update


Nokia Rolls Outs – Belle Update

Symbian ^3 Anna is so yesterday, when placed aside of other more established OS of today. Nokia hopes to turn tides with Belle on their smartphones in hopes to regain the lost image caused by the long outdated Symbian OS.

Nokia N8
Nokia E6Nokia E7Nokia C6-01Nokia C7Nokia X7
Nokia made customers wait for months for the Belle Update and the word is our closest neighbor India is enjoying new N8,E7 and X7 s with Belle pre-installed. So February 7th onwards release is close to obvious looking from here. Not only Faster, the update looks sleeker as well, here are some of the screens your N8 or other from the 6 handset above are likely to become after Belle installed.
image courtesy : http://www.techoologic.com/
Successful flashing of Belle to the N8 and other awaiting devices have been completed and everything looks pretty good for Symbian users getting ready to port to NOKIA BELLE.
Be sure to check your mobile Updates for early releases here in Dhaka! 

Nokia Lumia 800 Update

Update for the Lumia 800 ready  for countries currently enjoying availability of the Nokia Windows Phone.


Update process requires downloading the Update using Microsoft Zune.

The update brings a number of performance and usability enhancements  including:

  • Charging improvements
  • Voicemail notification improvement
  • Replying to mail improved for Microsoft Exchange 2003 users
  • Improved display switching in bright light
  • Improved audio quality

According to Nokia Conversation site , other countries will be able to download the update in 2 weeks time.

More updates are on there way due  Early 2012.

Nokia Kinetic Device – Hands On

Nokia Kinetic Device prototype was shown to the world in the NOKIAWORLD2011, since then the concept has received lots of interest, many eager to know  Nokia’s potential future phones. More wanting to know what will they be using in the future to communicate and keep up with their Virtual Social Activities.

Here’s a video from IntoMobile on their Youtube channel showing more of the Nokia Kinetic Device (prototype)

Update for Nokia N900 CSSU v21.2011.38-1Smaemo1

November 18th, the realease of the testing version of CSSU was released.  yesterday marks the release of N900’s new stable CSSU firmware update.  v21.2011.38-1Smaemo1 . Finally a stable CSSU for all USERS.

Available for download on the  (APP MANAGER), or head on to : http://wiki.maemo.org/Community_SSU#Installation

and choose the STABLE version via your N900.


  •      Added Qt DigiNotar blacklists.
  •      Fixed crashes modest.
  •      Fixed double-ui corrupting videos after switching to the background while recording.
  •      Fixed double-ui overwriting user data.
  •      Fixed portrait wallpapers in the Hildon-home.
  •      CSSU PR1.3.1 rebased on top of official release.

Nokia Suite Update 3.2.98 Beta

Change log from Nokia Suite 3.2.66 to 3.2.98:
– Several crash error corrections
– Many other error corrections
– Localization error corrections
– Improvements for phone software update wizard
– Sync performance improvements (sync performance logging was disabled from Nokia Suite Beta builds)
– Several graphics corrections
– Maps error corrections
– Several proxy related issues were corrected
– Improvements in log gathering

We would like to feedback especially from following areas
– Maps downloading
– Software updates
– Backup & Restore
– Using Nokia Suite behing proxy setup

Please update to Nokia Suite 3.2.98 by using Nokia Suite’s own update mechanism (Tools > Software updates). You can also download it directly from Try it page. You do not have to uninstall older versions before installing.




Nokia unexpectedly released updates for  “OLDER” symbian devices while the world is waiting for more Symbian Belle & Anna Update.

Recent announce of Symbian Carla & Donna suggests Symbian is still not dead as yet.

The updated versions are :

  • Nokia E71 updated to v510.21.9
  • Nokia C3 updated to v8.70
  • Nokia E63 updated to v510.21.10
  • Nokia E66 updated to v510.21.009
  • Nokia E52 updated to v81.003

The official change log have not been known yet, but will keep you updated on this.