Nokia Lumia 800 – Video Samples

With only a few months for the Nokia Lumia 800 to launch here in Dhaka, here are some video sample of the 800’s 8Mp camera.

Note the Nokia Lumia 800 records videos at : 720p @ 30fps.


Nokia Lumia 800 Camera Video Review

You must have been searching for Lumia 800’s video samples all over the net, wait no more, the best review is here for the Lumia 800 Camera . From youtuber and reviewer @emkwan

comparison with the iPHONE 4S.

Enjoy his video review and check out his channel too !

Nokia 8MP Battle – Lumia 800 VS N9

The Nokia Windows Phone , aka Lumia 800 and Nokia’s Meego OS, N9 both pack the same Carl Zeiss optics and 8MP resolution camera .

Both the masterpiece have the ability to capture video at 720p .

Here are two sample videos by bloggers on Youtube. See if you can spot any difference between the two video samples.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia N9

Nokia Lumia 800 Review -Engadget

Yes its the moment many of you have waited for, the review of the much anticipated nokia flagship device the lumia 800’s review.
More on it on engadget’s review page on the link below.

click here for review of the lumia 800