Nokia Lumia 900 : Hands On Video

Lumia 900 @ CES2012 : Courtesy ANANDTECH

Nokia is currently showing off its newest handsets and innovations at CES2012.

And the much awaited Nokia Lumia  900 made its appearance today, on the 1st day. Nokia Conversation hands-on the 1st Nokia Windows Phone  in the USA available for AT&T with 4G LTE connectivity .

The Nokia Lumia 900 , runs on Windows Phone 7.5 Mango OS powered by a balanced 1.4GHz Scorpion CPU.

Designed specific for the US market, Lumia 900 gets blessed with similar looking design from the N9 & Lumia 800. Improved battery capacity to 1830 mAh , a front facing camera for skype together with the previously seen 8 mega pixel at the back.

The now, familiar Live Tiles home screen , Nokia Apps, Nokia Drive and other built-in apps for the Windows phone are preloaded. With the colors still looking neat & bright  on its larger 4.3″  amoled display with Nokia’s clear black display and also looking good for Nokia apart from the fact its running the already Yesterdays Mango OS rather than the anticipated update of Windows Phone Tango.

More from Nokia Lumia 900 as it unveils at CES2012.


Nokia Lumia 800 – Video Samples

With only a few months for the Nokia Lumia 800 to launch here in Dhaka, here are some video sample of the 800’s 8Mp camera.

Note the Nokia Lumia 800 records videos at : 720p @ 30fps.

Lumia 800 Asia Launch – Bangladesh Date?

Whats all the fuss about you ask? Well, looks like the next big thing in the mobile industry is finally here in Asia.

In a few hours time, Singapore residents will be having their hands on the Windows Phone from Nokia. And so awaits other Asian countries , India set to be next . So when will it be available for Bangladesh?

No official statement for the release date here, but hopefully before or after 2 months time.

Lumia will be launched in India in coming weeks, followed by other countries such as the United States and China in the first half of next year.

With a few weeks to go for India’s Official Launch of the Lumia Series, things look good for a early launch here in Dhaka.

Price : Estimated 47,000 taka.  according to     $775(SGD) Singapore price.

Specs of Lumia 800 in comparison with other flagship devices.

UPDATE : Lumia series to come in January 2012 according to Nokia stores Dhaka.

Update : They dont keep their words, Nokia BD stores.

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Note : im not responsible for any deals you make with Gadget & Gear.

Nokia Lumia 800 Camera Video Review

You must have been searching for Lumia 800’s video samples all over the net, wait no more, the best review is here for the Lumia 800 Camera . From youtuber and reviewer @emkwan

comparison with the iPHONE 4S.

Enjoy his video review and check out his channel too !

iPhone 4s vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs Nokia Lumia 800


iPhone 4s vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs Nokia Lumia 800 CNET

heres a CNET commentary of the BATTLE OF THE GLADIATORS ; enjoy after the break.

Apple’s iOS platform has recently been upgraded to iOS 5, while the latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, is about to explode on to the smart phone scene. Meanwhile Mango, the newest iteration of Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform has also dropped from the tree. So which OS should you buy into? Luke Westaway compares the leading phones on each system: the Apple iPhone 4S, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Nokia Lumia 800.